Yetide Badaki - SAG-AFTRA/AEA

Yetide Badaki and Hawthorne James emerge as clear audience favorites. As Corinne Lawrence....[Badaki] delivers a tearful, utterly passionate, and commanding monologue that literally culls gratified gasps, cheers, and applause from her audience mid-scene. - LAist

"Yetide Badaki plays Reverend Lawrence’s wife, Corrine, and demonstrates both southern gentility and a fiery temper to boot. Her intensity and level of commitent make her scenes among the best acted in the play" - Stage and Cinema

"Yetide Badaki has a gift for language. It was in her homeland Nigeria where words became an integral part of her life. The African tradition of storytelling was fixed in a shy, young girl's soul and never left..... as a grown woman, Badaki has became an interpreter of other people's stories, from classic playwrights to modern writers."-Chicago Sun Times 

"Thanks to a luminous performance from a very appealing and powerful young, Nigerian-born actress, Yetide Badaki (a name to watch), Phillis has a powerful presence."-Chicago Tribune

"And it's further confirmation that a young Nigerian-born actress named Yetide Badaki, a relative newcomer to Chicago, has a dazzling future ahead"-Chicago Tribune


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